• Carlotta Crosby, Visual Designer

Turning New Homes, Old.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

For some reason, there are people who like to modernize homes that were not at all built that way. Yes, I did say that.

When I see a home, the first thing my mind says is what are the odds that this home could look good with tons of character? My thoughts tell me, "you already know the odds, it's going to look great!" Whether that's true or not, might be debatable for some... but I just don't see it that way.

“Any property can be full of character, charm, and curb appeal... the key is inspiration. ”

No Character Normality

So what happens when your property just doesn't have the charm of a pre-war build? Not to worry! There are endless ways to love on your home to give it that rustic charm.

Stone and brick pavers. This classic go-to can give any property that old world feel you're looking for. While masonry can be expensive, it's a sure and simple why to achieve the desired results without a lot of fuss.

Dormers. Got a flat roof, or a rural ranch that just won't budge out of that cookie cutter category? Never fear, dormers are here. While dormers can be a little pricey, this add-on packs at lot of punch. A sure decorative remodeling beauty, but also functional and fancy. Dormers can add height to a room ceiling, while allowing a space to accomodate a new window feature as well!

Cedar wrapped columns. Customizing the curb appeal in front of your home has never been so easy, just grab four pieces of cedar the length and width of the pole you plan to work with, than wrap or add the columns on your property. Instant character achieved!

Dark brown or custom decorative glass windows. Looking to bring a house from boring to flooring? Windows can be a game changer. Think about beautiful Tudors with diamond panes or even stained glass features in a home, doesn't that just scream character. Well single custom features like these along with playing up window color can immediately help a home leave it's drab past behind and give it that pop of originality!

Corner bushes + developed landscape. Bringing in landscaping that is mature and has the look of an established outdoor decorative piece, rather than a new struggling leafy youngling can make a significant difference. While there is a fine line between overgrown and stocky decorative bushes, the variance is in the placement and the perfect cut to compliment your home's features. Think, the taller and more layered the bushes... the more it draws the eye up and out therefore giving the home a more established quaint feel. These simples add ins can also give the illusion of property extension without anything other than fuller foliage, simply by placing them along the edges of your house's natural outline!

Wooden Front + Garage Door Accents. Just like wooden columns add depth and accent, so do custom wooden garage doors and front entrances. Even if the features are a faux look it can change a home's exterior drastically. Just a simple change to these two key items can be a worthy investment toward aged appeal.

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